Our West End Debut

We had a stellar debut at Pizza Express Live in Holborn on 21st January 2018! The show was received with glowing 5* reviews across the board from the audience.

Jolene Cook from Bristol reviewed each of the performers and we couldn't put it any better ourselves. Here's what she had to say...

"David George Harrington of course opened the night with his renowned brilliance on the piano, and endearing, playful humour that had us all giggling before the show had even started. Following that, we had the gorgeous and moody Adam Robert Lewis giving us silky and haunting renditions of the Phantom and the Beast, beautiful Rosie Ladkin with the hilarious ‘In Short’ and the equally as brilliant but heart-breaking performances of ‘Burn’ from everyone’s new favourite musical ‘Hamilton,’ and the adorable Blake Patrick Anderson who showed us ‘Defying Gravity’ in a way I never expected to hear it, but am very glad I did. Last but certainly not least, Claire Delaney was the star of the night for me. Her personality brought the show to life. She made us laugh, she has chemistry with the other performers that glues the whole show together, and her performance of ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ from Phantom of the Opera had me in tears. I can’t wait for their next show and a different cast in May, and for whatever success will follow as more people come to see the show. 5/5 stars, from someone who wouldn’t usually go to a cabaret show. Absolutely loved every funny and emotional minute of it. If you are in London in May, go see it, you won’t be disappointed."

We were all blown away by comments we'd received on the night and are certainly raising a glass to a very successful first London show for The Broadway Sessions UK.

A heartfelt thank you to the stunning cast who helped to pull this show together with such immense talent and for everyone who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Let's keep live entertainment alive and kicking!

Claire Toner